MyGodo for NH Hotel

Godo is the perfect solution to enjoy the best of Italian cuisine at NH Hotel.

With the mission of offering you the quality of a restaurant wherever you are, Godo’s products are designed to travel and they can now be delivered directly to your hotel for a Premium room service.

With a menu that changes continuously for a focus on freshness and seasonality, Godo will offer you the best of Italian cuisine, where each recipe has been created specifically for delivery.

At Godo, we are very proud of our sustainability policy: ⁠we are plastic-free and our packaging consists of custom-made recyclable glass jars to ensure quality and freshness and minimise waste.

Explore our menu and enjoy authentic Italian cuisine whenever and wherever you want.

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Terms of Service:

DELIVERY: in 40 / 60 minutes

DELIVERY COST: 7.50 € (for orders of at least 20 €) and 10 € (for orders under 20 €)

DELIVERY TIMES: 12.20 – 15.00 and 19.20 – 22.00

NH Hotel is in no way responsible for the preparation of the dishes or their transport and related service which are provided by Godo